Sunday, August 13, 2006

Walking blindfolded

I am so excited, yet overwhelmed at the same time. Yesterday, I wanted to devote the day working on Joshua’s House. Arlen helped me a lot, and by the end of the day we had created a logo, a purpose statement and the beginnings of the temporary website. It's so exciting. As I sat there, thrilled to death. Suddenly a bomb hit, and discouragement became very real.

Yesterday morning, I was told that I could make an announcement at church to get help with the Joshua's House project. I was thrilled. No, I still haven't heard back from Zondervan, but I know God will provide us with rights to make Bible audio recordings. With that being the only thing holding me back, I was prepared to plunge forward to make my appeal. As Arlen and I were talking I came to the realization that the rights to the NIV Bible are not the only thing preventing us from beginning. When I had originally talked to Arlen, he felt that the equipment we already owned would be sufficient for Joshua's House needs. However, as he has begun to understand the scope of the project, he feels positive that we need more professional equipment and a sound room. AHHHH! I don't have enough money to buy the computer programs and sound card needed for my computer (let alone the 401(c)(3) that we still don't have yet), how am I supposed to get a studio to record in?

Well, of course, being here at Southern does have some advantages. I plan on talking to the person in charge of Southern's recording studio. I know that we need someone who knows how to work all of the equipment, so if he says we can use it, I will ask him if he can make it available as a project or something for students in his classroom to do the recording. This is just such a huge thing. I'm not normally the type to be this bold and pursuing. I like to have things planned out, to know exactly what to expect. This is not the case with Joshua's house, but as Arlen reminded me, we are to walk by faith, not by sight.

As I see all of the faith displayed in the book of Luke, I can't help but be inspired. But the lingering question remains, why can't I have that kind of faith in my own life. Well, I guess God is giving me that opportunity right now. He's giving me the chance to completely trust Him, even when I can't see the next step. Please keep Joshua's House in your prayers. I know that through it, God will do amazing things...if I'll only let Him.

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