Monday, November 20, 2006

We're all familiar With...

W.W.J.D. It has become one of the biggest cliches of our time. We are to constantly ask ourselves "What Would Jesus Do?" before we make a decision to act. Yet what would this really look like? If we truely and honestly seek to know Jesus better through prayer and the Bible and then ask ourselves how Jesus would react in our situation, how would it change our lives? How would it change work? School? Covernsations? Priorities?

It is true that with this decision, there is truly a cross to bear. Following Christ is not always easy. People may not understand, they may think you are being foolish, but the question is what is more important, mans acceptance and praise, or worshiping and honoring God? The Bible says "No one can serve two masters." While the context is refering to money, it also refers to other aspects of our lives. Are we willing to put everything else aside and follow the example of our Lord 100%, no matter the cost?

These and many more are questions that I have been considering in my life lately. My husband and I are reading a book called "In His Steps." It is the original "What Would Jesus Do?" presentation. Written in 1896 as a sermon series, author Charles M. Sheldon traces the lives of people that have made a pledge to live their lives for a whole year asking the question "What Would Jesus Do?" before making any decisions. The results are shattering for some, some break under the pressure, and some have lives that are totally transformed. This is a highly recommended read. Even if you don't read the book, consider truley asking yourself the question, "What Would Jesus Do?"