Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vacation at Little River Farms pt. 2 Peacocks and Pony Rides

We're still having a great time here at Little River Farms. As you can see in the picture, I especially like that my traditional garb (overalls) is quite appropriate for such a vacation.

Now it's time to share a little more about our trip. One of the places we spend the most time is down at the big bird cages. Ronan particularly likes to sit and watch the turkeys, ducks, chickens and homing pigeons. Although all of these birds are fun, he most enjoys watching the peacocks. There are two Indian Blue and One Java green males. (The females aren't quite as fun to watch.) We like to watch as the males slowly spread their beautiful feathers and stamp and dance around trying so hard to get the attention of their female cagemates. Often they are like little sonars following the females around the cage begging for attention. This display can be slightly depressing to watch as the males put forth so much effort to attract the females, but often, the females ignore the very existence of the males.

On Sabbath we had an exciting adventure! First we took off on a hay ride. Ronan wasn't too sure about a hay ride on Friday, but by Saturday, he was ready to go. This is MarMai, DarDai and Ronan on a god ole' trailer hay ride.

After we got off the trailer, Janetta was quick to note that the pony was out and ready to give some pony rides. As Netta is a horse lover, it didn't take long for her to become interested in the idea of getting her kids up on Baby (that's the pony's name). Ronan quickly protested, proclaiming that he was afraid of the horse, so his little sister, Aurora, was the first to sit on Baby.

Ronan still wasn't sure about the pony, even after seeing how much his sister loved sitting on the stout animal. Janetta confidently picked him up and plopped him on the horse before Ronan really knew what was going on. A little unsure, he gave a smile, and after the pony started to move, a huge grin lit up his face.

As the pony ride came to an end, Ronan decided he didn't want to get off. He wanted to ride the pony all the way "home" to the inn. That's just what he got to do! Like a joyful little cowboy, Ronan got front door service with the fun pony, Baby.

You know, I wonder how much God tries to give us good things, and we either completely ignore Him, or are too afraid to accept His wonderful blessings. I've been thinking about that a lot this weekend as I have watched Ronan and the Peahens. No matter how hard the Peacocks try to get the attention of the lady peahens, they simply ignore the males in their cage. How often does God try to get my attention and I cruelly turn the other way, or even pretend I don't notice Him.

And, just like Ronan, how often am I so afraid to try new things and accept the challenges that God lays before when a magnificent reward awaits my obedience. Ronan's rewards for overcoming his fears were a pony ride and a hay ride. How much more wonderful things is God ready to give me if I will simply acknowledge His presence and follow His leading, even when it is a bit scary?

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