Saturday, June 16, 2007

Contagious Excitement

This week we had some exciting things going on in our house. Let me explain. Arlen received a call from one of his clients asking him to meet at their office for a thank you surprise they had for him. Not thinking much of it, Arlen headed over to their office. As he talked to the staff member he had been working with the most, she handed him an envelope with his name on it. Arlen opened it and what he found inside made him stand there for a minute dumbfounded. It was a $2000 voucher with the MAC symbol on it. Not wanting to believe that this really was $2000 toward a new mac computer, Arlen waited for some sort of explanation. Sure enough, his initial reaction was correct. The company Arlen had been working for really appreciated his work and wanted to tell him thank you by getting him a new mac computer.

Arlen has been elated. This week he has told everyone he knows about this amazing gift he has received. Each time he tells the story, his face lights up more than it did the previous time he told it. As I was watching him share his story one time it hit me. This is totally how it is with God. God does amazing things for us. Often they simply go unnoticed, and even when we are aware of them, we keep them to ourselves. However, if we would share the wonderful things God is doing in our lives, our excitement would only grow! Just as Arlen gets more excited every time he shares about his new mac, we will get more excited about God's working in our lives every time we share what He's doing with others - and they will get excited too! (I've also noticed that excitement seems to be contagious.)

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