Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Am I a Rebellious Child?

If you know me at least somewhat decently, you're probably laughing at even the idea of me asking this question. "Laura...rebellious?" your probably thinking, "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard." So maybe I don't run around living a shockingly wild life, coming to my family only for more money so that I can get a new tattoo, just one more piercing, more cigarettes, drugs, boos, etc. Nope, You won't find me with any of the above.

However, this morning I came to discover that I am quite rebellious. Isaiah 30 talks about God's rebellious children. Here are the characteristics (see if any are familiar)
1) They execute, but not God's plan
2) They make alliances and are nice to people, but not of God's spirit
3) They move forward with plans and their lives, but without consulting God
4) They take refuge and shelter in things other than God.
5) The would rather hear pleasant lies than the truth (v9)

I don't know if any of those ring a bell with you, but they sure do with me. I continually move forward in my life without even seeking God's will. I do things out of wrong motives and I look to things of this world for shelter, comfort and safety.

In verse 15, God tells us that salvation lies in repentance and resting in the Lord; and that true strength comes from quietness and trusting in Him. Stick with me for a minute as this point will spring to life in just a moment.

Despite my (our) rebelliousness God is eagerly waiting and paying close attention. He wants us to call out to Him, and He wants to be ready when we do. When we turn back to Him for comfort, safety and salvation, He is eager and ready to show us grace and compassion. We will clearly hear God's voice and direction and when we fully turn to Him, He will pour His blessings out on us.

Then comes his wrath!! Dun dun dun... but have no fear, His wrath is against our enemies. Because of this truth we will rejoice because we can rest in His protection!

Wooo Hooo! I'm so glad that God loves me and that He is eager to forgive even a rebel like me!

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