Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Faithful in the BIG - Faithful in the little

This is one of the ways I'm learning to be faithful in the little things.

I'm really excited about all of the things God is teaching me. I've been eagerly working on Joshua's House a lot this week. As I've been working, I realize that so much more is possible than I ever thought.

You see, I have this problem. I get this big, huge, massive idea in my mind and then I go for it. Sometimes these are high ideals to live up to, sometimes they are programs I want to start, or projects I get myself into. The problem is that I push myself so hard and am not content with anything less than the finished product.

For example. I am excited about producing a Christian website for kids with all sorts of usability worked out, an awesome design, lots of features, the whole nine yards. I have all of these great resources I've been sitting on, waiting for a large sum of money, or a kind volunteer who would be willing to make the website a reality. Why? Why am I just sitting there? I can make a website now. It may not be ideal, but I must be faithful in the little things, right? Does this mean my dream should die? No! But it means I should be more willing to take tiny steps to get there rather than taking one giant leap.

I often do this in my Spiritual life as well. I expect to be transformed all at once, and I forget that it's the work of a lifetime. Just like the story of the servants who were give talents when the master left, I want to be faithful with what I have now - big or small.

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